Off-Page SEO

Be Reliable. Be Relevant. Be Recommended.

Make a splash. A successful off-page seo strategy includes more than just effective link building. Engaging and useful content with relevance to your topic will garner comments, social media shares, and blog references, which demonstrate the value of your page to search engines and other viewers. In a sense, off-page seo is like word of mouth. This helps you gain higher ranking and stronger page authority.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing various off-site ranking factors. These factors include a site's popularity, relevance to topics searched for, trust, and authority. The purpose is to determine what your site is good at. In essence, off-page SEO is what others think of your website or product. The better the quality the off-page SEO, the better ranking you'll see in search engine results.

Why Off-Page SEO Matters

Search engines are always adjusting their algorithms to provide users with the best possible results for their search terms. Despite these changes, off-page SEO is critical in a page's ability to rank. ‚ÄčIt's like going to a restaurant that a friend suggested. You gauge how much you trust your friend and take into account various reviews of the restaurant before trying it yourself. If your friend liked it, but the reviews are negative, you're less likely to go. In the event your friend disliked the restaurant, but the reviews are positive, you could think your friend could of had a bad experience.

In the case of your website pages, people, and sites linking to your site are like your friends telling you about the restaurant. Judging by these links, the relevance of the page the link is coming from, and the trustworthiness, your website may or may not be considered for search engine results.