Web Stats Report - Track Website Traffic

Managing website traffic is like knowing how many customers come through the door of a brick and mortar establishment. We have various web log conversion programs to translate web click paths into clear reports and search terms consumers make to find your website.

Affordable Boise Web Hosting Packages - Quality Performance and Value
Boise SEO is a division of Boise Online Mall - Verbatim Hosting which provides a expansive assortment of Web hosting tools to keep your Idaho Website performing 24/7 customer support tasks and processing eCommerce sales. At Boise SEO we provide quality, affordable Website hosting packages that fit an individual client's needs. We believe that investing into your Website is crucial to your overall business, success, and internet presence. Our additional web hosting services include domain name registration, Boise SEO services, Website design, custom content management systems, social media support, Internet video marketing, and video production.